Today's B2B marketers and sales professionals face a dramatically changing world. Download "Welcome to Web2Sales: Revenue Creation via Content, Search, Social, Digital and CRM" to learn why Web2Sales is the next meaningful step towards achieving a measurable ROI.

In this eBook you will learn about:

  • The concept of Web2Sales and how you can implement it at your organization
  • The framework for a Web2Sales program
  • What industry insiders have to say about Web2Sales

Below is a sneak peak at the table of contents:

Defining Web2Sales
  • Chapter 1..........The Case for Web2Sales
  • Chapter 2..........Taking Web2Sales from Concept to Reality
  • Chapter 3..........Content Framework for a Web2Sales Program
Expert Insight
  • Chapter 4..........Wasted Potential: The Reality of Marketing Automation and Customer Relationship Management
  • Chapter 5..........Is Web2Sales a Marketer’s Best Friend?
  • Chapter 6..........A Consultant’s Perspective – Best Practices and Lessons Learned

For more best practices, tips, and thought leadership surrounding content marketing and sales integration, check out Modern Marketing Today, The Strategic Guy blog, Strategic Communications Group's corporate website, or connect with author Marc Hausman directly at

Strategic Communications Group
(Strategic) has expertise in a rather unique and high value niche: content creation, demand generation and account based marketing campaigns for enterprise solutions providers that serve business-to-business and government customers. This emerging segment of the market is commonly referred to as “Web2Sales. It’s how an organization aligns its Web presence, content creation, search, social, digital communications, analytics and CRM with tactical sales priorities (i.e. lead generation, prospect nurturing and deal capture).

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